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Transitions Are Hard and Emotional. A Compassionate Career Change & Transition Coach Can Help!

It’s not easy implementing a workforce transition plan. And its even tougher finding a company who can partner with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We Understand Career Transitions and “Next Steps”.

The thing is, there’s a method to the madness of implementing a transition plan. In fact, there doesn’t need to be too much madness involved, if you’re prepared! 

Our team can provide your employees with a career change & transition coach, a professional whose understanding of the outplacement process is meant to bring them confidence and support in a time of transition/separation from a company they love and have dedicated their service to. 

In exchange for loyal service, your employees will know you cared enough about them to give them the very best in career transition services. And guess what? This helps keep your brand and reputation intact.

What Makes iRock Development Solutions Different?

We created the “C3 Method” that makes it easy for your employees to feel supported and comfortable in their career transition.

Career Counseling

We work to understand how your employees feel: it’s important to hear them out, get their story, and provide them with the emotional support they need for their transition. With this transition method, they have the confidence to move forward and feel valuable in their next position.

Career Coaching

Our work in the C3 Method also includes developing your employees to prepare them for the next steps in their career transition. Our job coaching helps them find the skills that they can emphasize to be successful long after outplacement

Career Marketing & Branding Development

We use the information from the career coaching process to help create targeted career documents so they can land their new job faster. We create an opportunity for your employees to tell their career story on paper, and in person. To do this, we can aid with LinkedIn optimization service, interview preparation, writing their résumé, and more.
If you are ready to experience the C3 Method approach in your company, complete the interest form below and book a call so we can chat more about how we can help make your company transition plan a smooth one.
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