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iRefresh Packages - For Returning Clients Only

First of all, congratulations on taking a step towards career growth by keeping your career documents up to date. We’re so happy to have you here (again)!

You’re here due to the following reasons:

  • You’ve already availed our services in the past and now want our help in the next chapter of your career. (Keep scrolling..)
  • You’re looking for help with your resume, LinkedIn, and other career documents. (In that case, check out our resume writing services here.)

Finding the next great opportunity in your career shouldn’t be a task. In today’s super-competitive job market, an up-to-date resume is a must. Not only does it increase your chances of acing interviews, but also helps in landing a better paycheck.

At iRock, we want to be the first you think of, whenever you need assistance with your career.  This is why we’ve created the iRefresh Maintenance Program, a special offering for our past clients where we help keep your career documents fresh for that next great opportunity. 

Now you can add new skills, job roles, skills, and/or experiences to your iRock-prepared resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter at a fraction of our original rates. Let’s get started!

Freshen up your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile with a new job and/or skills  so you are ready for your next great opportunity!
 *Please note: All documents must have been written by iRock for them to quality for this service.*
We Offer Payment Plans!

If you are not in a rush, our payment plans are a great option. Once final payment has been made, we will begin your project and you will receive next steps. Please review our Client Agreement/Terms & Conditions/Work Authorization under section Payment Terms & Conditions. You have the option to expedite the process by making additional payments or pay the balance in full at anytime.

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