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I’m Nickquolette Barrett, an Executive Resume Writer and Career Advancement Coach for Leaders.
I hold 4 career industry certifications – CPRW, CEIP, CCTC, and NCOPE in addition to 3 insurance industry designations – CPCU, CLU, and AIC.

I launched iRock Résumés on May 25, 2014 out of a desire to help…

  1. Career professionals launch successful job landing campaigns.
  2. Businesses and entrepreneurs find the right words to attract clients.
  3. Corporations offer learning and development programs to attract and retain top talent.
  4. To provide workplace transition and outplacement solutions.

One thing you will discover about me is that I love to smile and laugh. I have a great sense of humor and tend to have a joyful spirit. I use it all to encourage, uplift, and motivate our clients to be their best self – on paper, online, and in person.

With that comes increased wealth for our clients upwards of 50% (or more) of their income and increased career satisfaction at 100%.

We have a stellar reputation of getting results. With results, we keep a full referral pipeline as our clients continue to tell others about us.

I must say, working with us is a pretty nice return on your investment.

Nickquolette Barrett

4X Certified Executive Résumé & LinkedIn Profile Writer | Career, Interview Prep, Job Search, and Salary Negotiation Coach
career industry awards and recognition
books I've written and co-authored
years in corporate leadership
years I've worked for a Fortune 39 company
years I've been writing resumes

Meet Team iRock

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Ian Buitre
Director of Operations & Executive Virtual Assistant

Ian Buitre

Here at iRock, I work as a Director of Operations and Executive Virtual Assistant. I am in charge of making sure that our CEO is on task and that iRock projects, team, and systems work seamlessly.

I enjoy working at iRock because of the flexibility of my working schedule and how motivating and understanding my colleagues are.

Fun fact: I always make time to go out for a walk in places like boulevard and nature park. 🙂 I love nature!
I’ve been working as a Digital Business Manager for more than 5 years now. I help business owners manage their digital projects, teams, and systems. I love planning, organizing, and taking control of things to make sure that the business operations run smoothly. I am also a workflow, process, and systems guru.
I am also a Certified Digital Project Manager, Certified Practitioner in Human Resources, and Certified Recruitment and Selection Professional
I am skilled at taking imperfect systems and making them make sense. I am great at seeing what needs to be done and executing it without someone holding my hand.I have a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with an elective course in Management.
Currently, I am finishing my master’s degree in Business Administration with focus in Executive Leadership Development. I am also pursuing the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certification as I enjoy helping businesses become more productive which leads to more profit.
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Director of Events & Speaking Engagements

Tammy Chewe

Here's Tammy's. I am a strong leader experienced in organizational management, technical training development, strategic planning, and data/metric analysis. I have the proven ability to develop a vision, achieve consensus and deliver results in a wide variety of corporate, educational and non-profit fast-paced environments with increasing levels of authority. I'm often recognized for my commitment to excellence by driving technical operations and training conversations with peers, leaders, and business partners.

I enjoy working at iRock because I have the distinct opportunity to meet new people and hear about their career aspirations.

Fun Fact: I am an introvert, and an extrovert when I need to be :-).
I have strong interpersonal and communication skills building strong working relationships that align, prioritize, execute, and implement projects.
In addition, I have a track record of resolving complex issues, providing strategic direction, and being a resource to peers, management, and executives.
Resume Writer

Mark Gabriel Morales

I enjoy working at iRock because people here are really nice! There is always room for improvement because they provide me with training materials to enhance my resume writing skills. They are really good singers! People here just Rock!

Fun Fact: I am in the process of learning how to swim. I aim to master the freestyle stroke. I also manage a small farm with fruit-bearing trees including calamansi, lanzones, bananas, and rambutans. I visit it at least twice a week.
Before Mark became a Resume Writer, he worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. As a professional equipped with years of extensive Resume Writing experience, he takes pride in having helped job seekers succeed at acquiring their dream jobs.
He enjoys his work because he gets to make a difference in people’s lives. It is the reason why he is always keen and motivated to improve more of his skills in writing.
Outside work and when he is not writing resumes, you’d probably see him inside the gym and pumping some iron to condition his body and mind.
He makes sure to spend quality time with his family. He’s also into mixed martial arts and loves to run 5km when he can.
Abdul Majid
Resume Writer

Abdul Majid

I am an Executive Resume writer with 4+ years of career management and resume writing experience, while writing over 2500 resumes ranging from recent graduates to executives in the C-suite such as CEO/CTO/CFO/COO/CRO resumes).

Additionally I am expert in creating cover letters and optimizing LinkedIn profiles for industry experts.

It has been my privilege to help a number of professionals obtain their dream jobs over the past three years. I've assisted C-suite executives, Sales & Marketing, Project Management, HR, IT, healthcare, and supply chain professionals in landing employment at Fortune 500 firms.

I was a team lead and resume writer where I trained multiple new writers.

I consistently produce aesthetically appealing documents that included detailed descriptions of each employee's skills and responsibilities. My dedication to providing excellent service to the clientele is often recognized and acknowledged.

Fun fact: I am used to traveling alone on motor bike to hilly areas while covering thousands of kilometers. I love mountains, rivers, and valleys.
My primary goal is to provide a high-quality personal marketing document to support my clients in attaining their professional goals.
My resumes are keyword optimized to pass through applicant tracking systems, and I use smart keywords to target specific employment vacancies.


Have you been struggling to put together a professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that will lands interviews? Then you’re in the right place! Our unique process will give you the edge in today’s competitive job market.

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