The iRock-S.T.A.R Method™ Interviewing Technique

After using your newly created iRock Résumé, you got the call for an interview. Congratulations!

Now, what?

Do you get overly stressed at the mere idea of having to go into an interview?

Landing an interview and, a panel interview at that is nothing to worry about if you’re prepared. Don’t take a chance on not landing your dream job by just winging it, for that never works.

Having a professional mock interview session will increase your chances of landing a job by fifty percent.

So if you struggle with interviewing—or almost pass out at the very thought of having an interview—don’t sweat it (literally, don’t sweat).

Sign up for an interview prep session to gain:

  • The ability to walk in your interview and own it
  • Confidence to walk in your interview and own it
  • Clarity on why you are there and what the end result should be
  • The ability to anticipate questions and provide clear, concise, and thorough result-oriented answers
  • The cool and calmness it takes to think clearly while actively listening to the questions so you can respond with a well-thought-out answer
  • The ability to keep the interviewing panel engaged during the entire interview session
  • The ability to open and close an interview, highlighting why you are the best candidate for the job

Remember the old 5P saying that still rings true:
“proper preparation prevents poor performance” 

…which is another way of saying practice makes perfect! Doesn’t that just make good sense? Well, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Choose your package below, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will reach out to you!

No work performed on Sundays or nationally recognized holidays

Part 1: Hi Nickquolette – Thank you for meeting with Trevor today and for all that you have done to help him. It was kind of you to send me this summary with next steps.  It is great that he will be ready to submit some internship applications at the end of the week before he returns to college. I know that he will be much better prepared for the career fair and interviews, too. Take care!

Part 2: Nickquolette – I just had to tell you that your resume and interview prep worked!! I’m glad to report that Trevor got an internship and the interviewers were impressed with his resume and interview skills. Thank you so much and I’m going to make sure I report back to the NAPW to let them know how awesome you are. Thank you!

Ruth McGuffey

Non-Profit Leader - Education Sector

Interview Prep Standard Package – $297

Initial consultation

15-minute strategy session

45-minute practice session using the iRock-S.T.A.R. Method™ with playback recording

15-minute wrap-up session

No work performed on Sundays or nationally recognized holidays 

Interview Prep Premium Package – $457

Initial consultation

30-minute strategy session

45-minute practice session using the iRock-S.T.A.R. Method™ with playback recording

30-minute wrap-up session

Professionally written opening and closing statements

Professionally written answers to 5 common interview questions

No work performed on Sundays or nationally recognized holidays 

Hi. I got a job! Yaaaaay! Thank you so much for all of your help with preparing me for the interview. The interview feedback said I was confident yet humble. I thought because that was the holy spirit shinning through me. God was near my friend.

Lakita Wheat

Newly Promoted Manager

I want to give a shout out to iRock Resumes. Nickquolette took my bland, average, traditional, and boring Request For Consideration (RFC) and turned it into a rock star RFC! It is exciting, innovative, and fabulous while detailing my qualifications in a clear & concise format. I shared it with a few of my peers and they were impressed by the creative format & style. My rock star RFC is so good that I want to hire myself! Thank you Nickquolette and iRock Resumes because you really rocked it for me!

Lynn S.

Team Manager