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Welcome to iRock Staffing Services

I get it. I was in your shoes. Working to grow a business all….by….myself. It was hard and I always thought I could not afford help. I came to realized that I could not afford NOT to have help if I wanted to grow. When I finally hired help, I saw my business begin to grow. Then, got hooked and hired a team that is now the engine behind iRock. And, I am doing it at a reasonable rate. I could not do all I do without my awesome team. I am grateful to each one of them – short term, long term, and special projects. They all ROCK! 

Hence, our mission is to help busy executives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses increase their teams and personal capacity without breaking the bank. We’ve sourced top tiered virtual assistants to help you focus on what matters most, income generating tasks. 

We have NO contracts. You pay for the hours you need and use the hours you need. You renew when you need more, simple as that. Try us out and see why our founding clients are raving about iRock Staffing. 


  1. Complete our Staffing Form and schedule a clarity call so we can identify the exact help you need.
  2. After the clarity call, we get to work by sending your job requirements to our pool of potential candidates. We review resumes, assess applicants, and select candidates based on your requirements.
  3. We set up a collaborative interview with us and the top two to three candidates. You will get a chance to speak to them directly and select your top choice(s).
  4. Once you’ve made your selection(s), pay for your package, and you can begin working with your VA(s) to onboard them as your new team member!

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant can help you manage customer relations and deal with incoming inquiries, respond to phone calls and e-mails, provide technical support and live chat services, maintain your website, monitor user conversation on different social platforms, and more.
Many business owners don’t take the time to set up systems and processes because they’re busy working on their day-to-day operations. Hiring a VA gives you a way to set up processes that will enhance your business workflow. Give your VA a list of processes you’d like to set up to keep your business running. They can also identify inefficiencies and make your current processes better. Having solid systems and process actually make your business more efficient even when your VA isn’t on the clock.
Hiring a VA allows you to outsource the items with which you struggle. You can trust that the tasks will be handled competently — maybe even better than you would have on your own. And it frees up a ton of your time to focus on things that you’re actually good at. You can actually work on growing your business, rather than getting stuck in the day-to-day operations. This can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs who wear many hats.


General Virtual Assistant Packages





    60 HOURS


      80 HOURS


        Bookkeeper/Accountant Packages

        20 HOURS


        40 HOURS


          60 HOURS


            80 HOURS


              Technical Virtual Assistant Packages

              20 HOURS


              40 HOURS


                60 HOURS


                  80 HOURS


                    Let's Get Started!

                    Need to chat before making a decision?

                    We can help you determine the type of help you need and for how long. Click the button below to complete a short form and book a call.

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                    Need A Business Consultation?

                    Our rockstar Director of Operations, Ian Buitre is a master at all things business operations and more. He is a business consultant and can help you flesh out any business goals, challenges, and more! Book him today for only $147 for a 45 minute session. 

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