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Here at iRock Résumés, providing you with exceptional service has always been out top priority. We value your feedback and testimonials, and through them, we are empowered to continuously improve our services. Read what makes our team at iRock Résumés, one of the most favored professional resume writing and career coaching experts.



“I received a final offer for my job, January 26th. My start date is February 5th. It is exactly what I wanted and needed. The Director of Operations told me, “Your résumé was impressive; it really stood out”. As a matter of fact, based on what she read about me, I got the sense she may have questioned if the new responsibilities were challenging enough for my skill set. Specifically, she asked “do you think you’re gonna be satisfied in this role?”😊 I replied, “since I will be learning a new skill, I’m sure I can gain the experience and use it to better serve your company in an even higher role”.

Nickquolette allow me to entertain you with 3 pieces of advice for potential clients about your unique résumé writing skill:

  1. Unless you’re ready to elevate yourself to mirror who you are on paper, you need not apply. (Those reviewing the résumé will be excited to meet the person described…you can’t let them down.)
  2. After reviewing the résumé, some will mark you overqualified and not consider you for the role. (That’s fine because you likely are and a better fit is just around the corner.)
  3. Everything written is who you are and the talent you possess is valuable. (Don’t be shy about your worth…you are better than good and more than enough! You rock!)

Thank you, Nickquolette. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent. Thank you for praying for your clients, past and present. Thank you for writing about us in a way mirroring how God sees us…prized and worthy!



Renee Taylor, MBA

Victoria McCullar

Stephanie Gray-Snowden


Anna Poop & Suzy Harmon

Stefanie Pettigrew-Simmons


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