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My perspective is fresh, unique, and real—with a side of truth that gets at the very core of career development, career management, leadership, networking, and more. Let’s chat about your group needs, and together, we can create a talk that’s sure to inspire, engage, and ignite attendees!

Topics I Speak On


Résumé Writing – 101

Tips to Take Your  Résumé From BLAH to WOW! iRock Style!

Knowing how to write a résumé that gets the attention of recruiters and hiring managers is not for the faint at heart. I take an arduous task of résumé writing and make it simple to understand and follow. Trust me. It’s not all about making the résumé look pretty. It’s more about the content that makes up the body of the résumé. This is truly how you make it to the “call for an interview” pile.

This talk will focus on:

  • How to write an awesome professional summary and why it’s important to kill the “objective” statements
  • How to use influence in your writing with powerful words
  • How to take a job description and write a targeted résumé
  • Why sending a cover letter will give you an edge over the competition
  • And, more!

Interview Prep Techniques to Land the Job

Going into an interview can be scary. However, it does not have to be scary. If you prepare properly, the fear can be replaced with confidence. Learning how to interview, iRock style will give your audience all the tools they need to rock out their next interview.

In this talk, attendees will learn:

  • How to craft a winning response to an interview question using your own career successes
  • The different types of interview processes and how to win them all
  • How to create an amazing opening and closing statement
  • How to ask the right questions
  • How to ask for the job without asking for the job

LinkedIn Profiles Charged Up! – Maximization means Optimization!

LinkedIn is no longer just a job site board. It’s is so much more and if your group is not in the know, then this talk is for you. This talk can be tailored to career professionals or entrepreneurs.

This talk will focus on:

  • LinkedIn Profile, an overview on why you must have one
  • The Six Key Areas to focus on to set your profile up for success
  • How to make your profile not only marketable but capable of generating engagement
  • How to build influence to become a thought leader in your field
  • How to brand and market yourself on LinkedIn

If you are not maximizing LinkedIn to elevate your status as a professional, then you are missing out. Why miss out when you can be in with the best of them?

Personal Career Development Planning

7 Ways To Take Your Career From BLAH to WOW! iRock Style!

In today’s tough job market, you have to stand out in the crowd when applying for opportunities. While talent, skills, abilities, and education are a given. Being able to do something out-of-the-ordinary to get noticed is playing it smart. In fact, it elevates you to the status of a serious career professional. Just like all professional sports have a playbook to be successful. So, too, should the serious career professional.

This talk will focus on:

  • An understanding of why it takes more than wanting to be successful
  • How to combine career development and career management into a dynamic career strategy
  • How to use the seven tips to create a playbook for career success

Here’s to scoring big by moving forward and upward!

Networking for Success – iRock Style

Networking is essential for career professionals. It’s not enough to show up and hope to meet someone to help you propel yourself to the next level. You must have a plan and have a way to present yourself that rocks!

Participants will learn and practice key strategies of networking with a purpose. They will come away with a blueprint of next steps to make the most out of future networking events.

You Are Now in Management. Now what? 

Leadership Success Tips for The New Manager

The transition from direct report to a leadership role is both exciting and scary. Exciting because your career is starting to move forward. Scary because now you are responsible not only for yourself but for others as well. Taking on a leadership role is not the same as becoming “the boss”. As a new leader, you will need to learn to influence and motivate direct reports to achieve the goals you are now charged with.

This talk will focus on:

  • How to transition gracefully into the new leadership role
  • How to set up your first 90 days for success
  • How to set the tone of your leadership style with your new team
  • How to create an environment of collaboration with peer leaders
  • and much more!

Don’t Be A “BUT!” – Break through the glass ceiling you created 

Moving forward in your career is challenging if you continue to find reasons on why not to do something. I know as I’ve been there—yes, even me. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine shook me off my excuses and challenged my by saying “Eliminate the But”. When I did, I began to see obstacles as opportunities and went forward to achieve my goals. This talk teaches actionable steps to kick the habit of “BUT” and eliminate if for good!

I Love Energizing…..


Audiences with actionable steps that get results fast!

Driving a point home with real talk (and a little humor on the side) is what I specialize in. Achieving results, whether personally or professionally, is hard. It is hard to talk about and hard to deal with. I take the fear out of “hard” and show how it can all be done with a smile.

I understand that finding a quality speaker is difficult. That’s why I’ve created this page to show the topics I speak on and why I love speaking to dynamic audiences.

I have tackled workplace issues such as navigating the career maze, developing employees who “get it”, holding employees accountable, making sense out of what it takes to drive results, and much more.

My signature talk “Don’t Be A BUT!” helps audiences overcome obstacles to their success.

I am also available to speak, teach and train at conferences, seminars, and corporations.

No worries about me speaking and running—when I’m in, I’m in! I love connecting with the audience after the event.

Places I’ve Spoken

Here’s what others are saying…..


What a dynamic presentation! Nickquolette is brilliant. She is a master at making a diverse audience feel at ease right away. She has an uncanny ability to read her audience and will motivate them with a great dose of humor while sharing practical, easy to use information on building a marketable LinkedIn profile. The audience was hooked within minutes of her beginning. What was especially impressive was Nickquolette’s ‘homework’ in getting to know her audience.  That showed me that she cared about who was going to be in the room versus delivering a cookie cutter presentation. Attendees have expressed how much more self-motivated they are to build their LinkedIn profile and that Nickquolette took what they thought was a challenge and made it simple for them to understand. Would book her again anytime! EXCELLENT!

Kimberly Pitts – CEO of UImpact and creator of the Diverge Conference 2017

The NAPW Plano Local Chapter opinions about her presentation were all in agreement: Nickquolette definitely exceeded our expectations! Her talk gave insight on the timely topic of managing your online LinkedIn presence for success. Her presentation style was fun, interactive, engaging, and thorough. She was friendly, focused, and exceptionally knowledgeable about her topic. 

She inspired and motivated members and their guests, many of whom reported they plan to update their LinkedIn profile based on the information delivered during Nickquolette’s talk. 

Some comments that NAPW Plano Local Chapter members shared include: 

“This is GREAT information!” 

“Great speaker and great topic for today’s business professionals!” 

“Speaker presented ideas for every level of experience.” 

We recommend Nickquolette to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members. 

Marissa Stone, PHD

President , National Association of Professional Women and SimonSays.Social

Thank you again so much for your workshop last night. Your energy, enthusiasm, and wisdom were so helpful, as evidenced by the group’s many questions and after-session discussions. C William Brewer

CareerCare Ministry - Director, St. Andrew United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

I met Nickquolette at St. Andrews Career Care networking meeting. She gave a presentation on networking titled “Networking for Success – iRock Style, Land Your Dream Job with These 3 Strategies”. The presentation was informative and uplifting. Nickquolette brought energy and a little comedy to the art of networking. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker. I intend to utilize some of the tips given in her presentation. I hope to hear her speak on other topics in the near future.  Rhenechia Jones, CPA, CFE

CareerCare Ministry - Director, St. Andrew United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

The Association for the Advancement of Minorities (AIM-IRS) would like to acknowledge Nickquolette Barrett from IRock as she definitely exceeded our expectations! Her presentation in 2015 was outstanding and provided so much information for the group that she was invited back later that year. Her power point presentation was useful to our current career needs. She was interactive, engaging and exceptionally knowledgeable. We were inspired and motivated by her presentations. I personally contacted her to have my resume revamped and the results landed me the job that I was applying for. If you are looking for a Subject-Matter Expert who will provide knowledge, inspire and motivate your group Nickquolette is the one for the job! Diana Calhoun

Revenue Officer, Internal Revenue Services

Nickquolette’s energy and personality, together with subject matter expertise and attitude make her an excellent presenter. If you get the opportunity to hear her speak, I highly recommend you attend. Victoria Harres

Communications & Marketing Consultant

Nickquolette is a consummate professional. She is an action-oriented leader who not only guides people to the right path but also sets the right example for all to follow. As a Career Development Strategist, she is phenomenal. She knows the industry inside out and uses her knowledge and experience to help people make the correct transitions or step onto the right career path. As a speaker, she motivates, mentors and mobilizes other professionals to make the most out of their potential. I am proud to work with her on the NAPW Board and have learned a lot from her as well. I wish her the best in all her future endeavors. Bambi Majumdar

Business Writer, Marketing, Communications & Digital Content Consultant

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